I figured the world could use another person talking about Game of Thrones (GOT).  Still reading?    I’m not a fanatic, and there are already loads of great GOT recap sites.  I like the show, though, and I thought writing about it might be a good exercise for me.  I also like taking photos of The Hound.

**There will be spoilers**

  1.  The reunion between Jon Snow and Sansa in Season 6 / Episode 4 (S6/E4) was fantastic.  I thought the actors did a great job capturing the significance of the moment.
  2. I still wonder why Jon Snow didn’t order the ships ferrying him and the Wildlings from the Battle of Hardhome to drop them south of the Wall.
  3. The Daenerys plot line grinds on.  Some people love that part of the story.  I don’t, even though it has improved greatly with the added screen time for the show’s best pairing – Varys and Tyrion.
  4. Arya is a great character, played by a talented actress.  My concern with that plot line is that it is hard to see how Arya’s activities are relevant to the Game.
  5. What do you think of the photo of Sandor Clegane, more popularly known as The Hound?  I have seen a lot of great photos of action figures on Instagram and other blogs.  I wanted to see how well my Fujifilm X100T did with them.  The figure pictured here is from Funko.
  6. Brian of Tarth, be careful, it looks like Tormund Giantsbane fancies you.
  7. For such a large world, characters certainly have a tough time staying hidden.  We’ll miss you Osha and Shaggydog.
  8. I just revisited the Umber storyline online.  Rickon and Osha’s predicament makes more sense now.
  9. I need to figure out how to turn off WordPress’ autocorrect and format the spacing in numbered lists.
  10. Looking forward to episode 5.  I thought we might see more of the Tower of Joy, but the preview suggests a different but equally important vision quest for Bran.  Speaking of the Tower of Joy, that battle sequence was incredible.  The show conveyed Arthur Dayne’s formidable swordsmanship well.