I grew up in Arizona.  I’ve never heard of Tacna, even though I’ve driven right past it many times on vacations to San Diego.  That’s what “zoners” do, after all.  I learned a little about Tacna on Tuesday, though.  I was driving along I8, returning to Arizona after a short vacation in San Diego.  From miles away, I saw a smoke plume rising above the southwestern desert like a tornado.  It looked like the orc hosts of Mordor were preparing for war.


I got off at an exit about 40 or 42 miles east of Yuma to grab some photos.  I don’t know anything about fires, but I didn’t think there was any chance of it being some sort of controlled burn.  I hoped that the local fire crews and first responders had things under control.  The area seemed fairly remote, so assistance was likely limited and some ways off.

I’ve included a few photos here.  I wish I’d pulled off at the next exit.  I think that angle afforded a better opportunity to catch the fire’s fury and flames.  I did stop for gas in Dateland, and I asked the gentleman working at the Texaco if he’d heard about a fire a few miles west.  He said that it was a wildfire, and that the regional firehouses had been called in to help with it.  I tried to find it online, and my best guess is that it was the “38e fire”.  I hope they got it under control.