Have you seen the movie Witness?  It was a 1985 thriller that starred Harrison Ford.  It also featured Viggo Mortensen in what had to have been one of his first roles.  The cold opening for the Game of Thrones (GOT) Season 6 Episode 7 (S6/E7) episode ‘The Broken Man’ reminded me of the Amish barn building scene in Witness.

I was going to title this entry ‘Who let the Hound out…”, but I worried that might be a spoiler.  Similarly, the photograph could be a spoiler,  but I have used photographs of The Hound action figure before.

If you have not seen S6/E7 yet, please stop reading this entry.  Spoilers below.

You have been warned.

  1. I’m kicking myself for not using that picture of an injured, defeated Hound last week.    I thought it might be another week before we saw The Hound, and I did want to use the photo of the tree I saw that resembled a weirwood tree.
  2. Do yourself a favor and read lovebyscreenside’s take on The Broken Man.
  3. So many people seemed to be making a big deal out of the show’s cold opening that I had to look up what the term meant.  I’m still not sure why it’s such a big deal.  Then again, everything with GOT is a big deal.
  4. I am glad The Hound is back.  He is one of my favorite characters.  I asked some friends if that made me a terrible person.  Something seemed off with the Brothers Without Banners angle, though.  I thought in the books they actually did protect the poor.  I might have that very wrong.
  5. Split Enz has a great song called History Never Repeats.  Let’s hope that holds true for Jon Snow and Sansa Stark as they are camped with their small army in the same place Stannis Baratheon camped on his disastrous march against the Boltons in Winterfell.  I wonder if Ser Davos, recognizing that Stannis could have delayed his attack, allowed himself an “I told you so”.  Didn’t Davos try to convince Stannis that he didn’t have enough men to take Winterfell?  Seems like Davos would view Snow’s odds as even worse.  Lyanna Mormont was fantastic.  I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone edited her scene with Sansa, Snow, and Davos to show her texting on a smartphone throughout that conversation.
  6. And just where is that raven headed Sansa?  That’s one of the big mysteries of the week.  I haven’t read any of the theories.  Littlefinger?  It would make sense, but the show does like to surprise us.  Theon?  Wouldn’t make sense.  Sansa doesn’t know that he has reached the Iron Islands, and Theon and Yara wouldn’t be there to receive a raven anyway.  The Blackfish?
  7. I liked almost everything about the scenes at Riverrun.  The Blackfish is awesome.  I hope he’ll be around for a while, and not just the means by which the writers can establish Jaime Lannister’s battlefield creds by defeating a formidable soldier in a well-fortified castle.  I would have preferred that Jaime not try to convince the Blackfish that the war is over, especially if Jaime knows that the Lannisters had a (golden) hand in the Red Wedding.  The writers very efficiently used the Lannister army’s approach to promote Bronn from capable swordsman to tactician and possibly strategist.  Efficient, but not very creative.  Those trenches are pathetic, who is leading this chicken$%!+ outfit?  Creativity can be overrated.  It worked, and it improves our chances of seeing more of Bronn, which is a good thing.
  8. Arya and The Waif.  There are a lot of interesting theories going around about who The Waif stabbed.  I don’t have any theories to add, but Arya’s vigilant, wary posture at the end of the last episode doesn’t reconcile with Arya confidently walking through the streets promising  a ship’s captain two bags of coin for passage to Westeros.  Something’s clearly up here.  Please GOT, don’t pull the moulage stunt.
  9. Hey Sailor!  Yara and the boys celebrate their escape and theft of the Iron Islands fleet by stopping off at a huge brothel.  Be careful Yara.  It is dangerous on television to indicate a preference for other women.  I hope she sticks around for a while, I like the character and the actress.  I had mixed feelings about her discussion with Theon, ordering him to drink up and pressing him to snap out of it.  Theon definitely needed some encouragement.  I hope it works.  But I slipped out of the world of fiction for a moment and thought about how overcoming PTSD does not simply come down to someone’s decision to buck up.  But the show is fiction, brutal fiction, and to that we return.
  10. Ahh, the High Sparrow, you magnificent bastard, I read your book.  Not sure why I just decided to quote from Patton.  The show has consistently shown him to be 3 or 4 moves ahead of the other Kings Landing chess players.  I could definitely be wrong, but I get the sense from the show and the writers that every scene is packed with meaning and relevance.  Few, if any, frivolous interactions.  So what was the High Sparrow signaling with his warning about the need for Olenna Tyrell to atone?  Was he testing Margaery?  Did Margaery get out in front of him, or has she walked into an ambush?  Does the High Sparrow want Olenna out of Kings Landing?