I was recently part of an intensive marketing campaign for a tech startup in which we sought to make a splash in the realms of food, tech, and travel.  It was a crash course for me in social media marketing.  It confirmed my belief that there are a lot of negatives about the online world.  But it also helped remind me that in most cases, the online presence is merely a reflection of the awesome things that people are doing in food, travel, and adventure.

I realized that I wanted to take a shot at further exploring those things, with an emphasis on identifying people who cast off that awesome vibe of hoping that others will come along for the ride or strike off on their own adventure.  Those are the people who are driving this great renewed focus on local context and authenticity

That’s the main reason I’ve started this blog.  But I also liked (re)discovering WordPress and its community.  I reckoned it is a good place to work on some writing and photography.